Chair (MCSA)

Gail M. Turluck (University of Wisconsin ‘77)
1245 West Gull Lake Drive, Richland, MI, 49083
(269) 998-6353

Representative sought

John Ingalls

Representative sought

Danielle Richards,

Representative sought

Representative sought

Afterguard is the Alumni Association for the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America. If you sailed in college and/or supported college sailing events, you're IN!! Invite others - spread the word!

All ICSA sailors become Afterguard Members when they have exceeded the limits of their eligibility for collegiate sailing competition. Those members of the Afterguard who keep their address current with the Conference Commissioner or other designated individual, will be kept informed of Afterguard activities by e-mail.

Upon completion of their term of eligibility I or anytime thereafter, former college sailors are encouraged to sign up for the ICSA Afterguard List. MAISA Member Schools will contact Afterguard members in their area for possible assistance in coaching and running regattas and other kinds of service.

We'll be adding more content to the Afterguard section of the site, so come back and visit us.