Henry R. Luce Trophy

Previous Name: Bryant E. Moore Memorial Trophy

The original cup was named the Bryant E. Moore Memorial Trophy.  It was an inter-service dinghy regatta held among academies from its inception through 1987.

The Henry Luce Regatta was begun in the Fall of 1989 for MAISA teams which did not qualify for the War Memorial. In 1996, Army suggested rededicating this trophy as the Henry R. Luce Trophy. A statesman, publisher, and philosopher, Henry Luce was best known for the Time, Inc. empire he founded in 1923. Among Luce's best known magazines are Fortune, Life, and Sports Illustrated.  The main theme which he spoke was in unity of truth and the relatedness of all knowledge. Beginning in Fall 2014 The Luce is the second qualifier for the War Memorial. Six teams each from the North South and Central region compete. The top six teams qualify for the War Memorial Regatta.